Agro Chemicals

Agro Chemicals

Product Details:
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade , Medicine Grade , Technical Grade , Pharmaceutical Grade , Agriculture Grade
  • Packaging Type: Bottle, Packet
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Litre

We are leading suppliers of Agrochemicals ( Fungicides, Insecticides, Pesticides, Rodenticides, Viricides, Bactericides, Fumigants, Weedicides & Herbicides etc)

We deal with all major MNC's like
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  • Basf india ltd
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  • Dupont india ltd
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  • Cheminova
  • Biostadt
  • Crystal crop protection ltd
  • Indofil

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  • Item Code: AG001
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Port of Dispatch: Any Port
  • Delivery Time: Immediately

Alsta Hydrogel

Approx Price: Rs 525 / Kilogram + 18% 
Product Details:
  • Usage: Industrial, Agriculture,Agriculture,Agriculture,Agriculture
  • Brand: Chemtex

ALSTA® HYDROGEL is a potassium based cross linking hydrogel polymer that can potentially influence soil permeability, density, structure, texture, evaporation and infiltration rate of water through the soil. ALSTA® HYDROGEL particularly reduces the irrigation frequency and compaction tendency, it stop erosion and water runoff and increase the soil aeration and microbial activity.In arid areas, the use of ALSTA® HYDROGEL in the sandy soil (macro-porous medium) increases the water-holding capacity, and significantly improves the quality of plants. It slowly releases this absorbed water to the plants when needed. ALSTA® HYDROGEL particles may be taken as “mini-water reservoirs” in soil. Water will be used from these reservoirs upon the root demand through osmotic pressure difference. ALSTA® HYDROGEL also acts as a controlled release system by favoring the uptake of some nutrient elements, holding them tightly, and delaying their dissolution. Consequently, the plant can still access some of the fertilizers, resulting in improved growth and performance rates. ALSTA® HYDROGEL can also be used as retaining material in the form of a seed additive (to aid in germination and seedling establishment), seed coating, root dips, and for immobilizing plant growth regulator or protecting agents for controlled release.
  • Increases water holding capacity of the soil thereby reducing irrigation frequency.
  • Its limits water and nutrient loss through soil leaching.
  • Reduces evaporation.
  • Improves the physical properties of soil by enhancing aeration.
  • Enhances plant growth by providing water and nutrients to the root zone of the plants
  • Reduces compaction tendency
  • Reduces erosion and water runoff

Unit - Kilogram +18%

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Any Port
  • Delivery Time: Immediately

Alstasan Silvox

Approx Price: Rs 550 / Kilogram + 18% 
Product Details:
  • Usage: Agriculture
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Brand: Chemtex

Alstasan Silvox is a synergy of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with Nano silver irons, in presence of a catalyst, for use as a multipurpose and highly effective biocide. It is stabilized to prevent quick oxidation and degradation, Alstasan Silvox is a very potent disinfectant of soil and water. It is odorless, colorless, nontoxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable product which does not emit any harmful (fume either during applicable or thereafter). This combination of peroxide with silver provides high efficacy in killing bacteria, fungi, pests, viruses, in all possible application methods. The process of disinfection is controlled by a store and depot action in which the hydrogen peroxide only gets activated on microbial contact and once the pathogen is killed, silver quickly stabilizes the peroxide to prevent further decay of the same. This store and depot action of silver provides a stable and long lasting disinfection. Alstasan Silvox is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for non-toxicity in potable water up to a concentration of 25 ppm.

Open Field Cultivation: Grapes, Apple, Pomegranate, Chili, Capsicum, Strawberry, Tomato, Potato, Tea, Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sugarcane, Rubber, Rice Paddies, Wheat, Barley, etc.

Protective Cultivation: Colored Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Apricot, Mushroom, Tomato, Yam, Cabbage, Beetroot, Pea, Banana, Broccoli, etc.
Floriculture: Gerbera, Carnation, Rose, Anthurium, Daisy, Lilium, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, Vanilla, Jasmine, Marigold, etc.

Unit - Kilogram + 18%

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Any Port
  • Delivery Time: Immemdiately
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